IAEC Standards



Social model recovery programs operated by private, non-profit corporations shall have a board of directors which can effectively assess community needs related to alcohol and other drug problems. The purposes and goals must be written in Articles of Incorporation, bylaws or the board of directors’ minutes. Staff must have written statements defining program, personnel and operational policies and job descriptions or the social model recovery program included in operational manuals.
Social model recovery programs operated by public agencies shall have a governing or advisory body charged with the same responsibilities as those described for the private agency.


The governing board shall provide a Director for the organization and clearly define areas of responsibility.

1203. STAFF.

Staff shall be sufficient in number and sufficiently trained to assure the proper delivery of services and the fulfillment of requirements specified in these standards.


Each social model recovery program shall have a written policy statement containing requirements or admission or participation, program guidelines, reasons for departures and any fees including the amount to be charged to the participant.


Each social model recovery program shall keep records or each participant which shall contain the following:
a. Name
b. Social Security number
c. Last previous address
d. Date of birth
e. Family or personal contact in case of illness
f. Name of referring person or agency
g. Gender
h. Date of each admission
i. Date of each departure
j. Basic medical information
k. Other information as may be required elsewhere in these standards.

l. The program may require additional information for each participant depending on the program needs, funding agency needs, and that which would be required to perform program and participant evaluations.
1206. FINANCIAL RECORDS. Financial records shall be kept in accordance with general accounting practices and shall include monthly operating statements and provision for periodic audits.
1207. FINANCES. Each social model recovery program shall prepare an annual financial plan which predicts income and operating costs that allow them to maintain required standards.

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