Improving the Quality

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Ensuring Health & Safety 

The Illinois Association of Extended Care is a statewide association of individuals,residential extended care facilities, recovery homes, and sober living facilities committed to quality residential services and in promoting the role of residential facilities. IAEC promotes and advocates for greater public awareness of the important role of residential recovery facilities in providing low cost, effective services. IAEC member facilities have a proven history of success in encouraging recovery in individuals, who have had the extraordinary difficulty in maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.

Ensuring Quality 

IAEC is committed to ensuring that quality residential extended care facilities are readily available within the State and that staff are properly trained to meet and exceed the unique and challenging needs of the chemically dependent men and women for whom they serve.

IAEC is committed to providing the Illinois Specific Model of the NCRS - National Certified Recovery Specialist credential to substance abuse professionals providing recovery support services in Residential Extended Care Facilities.

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